Simple examples

    This page is a compilation of examples first for the illustration of the “Master 1” and “Master 2” courses of “Ecoulements en Milieux Naturels, M1EMN shallow water and M1EMN waves and M2EMN non Newtonian flows” by Pierre-Yves Lagrée, that is why some examples are in french. See as well Résolution numérique de SV.

    see as well

    Simple example to present finite volumes

    Advection equation, compare simple code in standard C and Basilisk

    Simple examples, model equations

    Just a bit more complicated examples, mostly for heat equation

    A temptative with dispersion

    Model equation for surface growth

    Master1 Exemples waves

    Master1 Exemples continued (Saint Venant)

    illustration of the “Master 1” course of “Ecoulements en Milieux Naturels, M1EMN”, shallow water examples


    for Master 1, “TP” by Geoffroy

    • Cours/TP 1 : Introduction à Basilisk
    • TP 2 : Un Tsunami dans la mer méditérannée (topographie à télecharger : topo.kdt )
    • Cours/TP 3 : Solveurs de Riemann et Cas test
    • Cours/TP 4 : Les coefficients de frictions et leurs implémentations
    • Mini - projet : L’inondation de Karamea (à faire !)

    Multilayer / RNSP

    Some examples of multilayer and RNS/P solutions

    two layers

    more layers

    Porous flows

    Here examples of laplacian for porous flows

    Examples of “complex” flows

    Here flow of concrete with Bingham rheology

    Examples of granular flows

    Here granular flows with shallow water (Savage Hutter/ Saint Venant)

    Here granular flows with continuum description