Basilisk’s documentation

    This page aims to provide an overview of the available documentation for Basilisk.

    Important note on the structure and maintenance of the code and web site

    The web site is a wiki. It is split into two main parts:

    1. this is the officially-maintained website and officially-released code. Only Basilisk developers are allowed access. The code in /src/ is maintained, quality-controlled and guaranteed to reproduce the results of the official test suite.

    2. everything else: (including the current page) can be modified by anybody (after registration). The quality of these contributions can be variable and, in particular, there is no guarantee that code not in /src/ is supported. So do not be surprised if code in the sandbox/ does not work anymore (this depends on the level of support provided by each contributor). That said there are also excellent-quality (and working) contributions in the sandbox/.

    The contributions in the sandbox/ which have proven their usefulness are meant to eventually move to /src/ (after code review, quality control etc.) and thus become officially supported.

    Getting started

    Further reading

    Basilisk view (bview)

    The wiki

    Install useful libraries

    Documentation in the sandbox

    A non-exhaustive list of documentation attempts, mostly writen by users.

    Notable publications