To report bugs edit this page and add them to the list below.

    To create a new page to hold the source code for your bug, you just need to add the link to the list below and save this page. Your link should look like

    * [My bug which shows this problem](mycode.c)

    Once you have saved the page, you can click on the link which will open the editor for the new page (mycode.c). Next, cut and paste your code (do not try to ‘upload’ the file directly) and add any comments you want to describe the problem more clearly (see below for examples of decent bug reports).

    You can then use the “Preview” button to display the code and (if you have the right permissions), run it. Ideally, this should reproduce the bug. Once you are happy with the result, “Save” the page.

    Note that the files generated by the running code are accessible in /sandbox/bugs/mycode/. In particular the standard error and standard output are in /sandbox/bugs/mycode/log and /sandbox/bugs/mycode/out respectively.

    See also how to create test cases.


    It’s not a bug, it’s a feature

    The bugs below have been classified as “features” i.e. scenarios which reveal limitations in the algorithms of Basilisk but are not coding mistakes.

    Old bugs

    The bugs below should be fixed in the most recent release.

    Not bugs

    Incomplete bug reports

    Critical information is lacking to be able to reproduce the bugs reported below:

    Website bugs


    • Please add any suggested improvements/wishlist etc.
    • https for login page.
    • Option for CUA keys (copy paste with Ctrl + c/v etc)
    • Remove the run timer. (not sure what this means?)
    • The changes and history pages could be faster?
    • On side-by-side edit view, add button to match left and right scroll positions
    • Add anchors for plots
    • “Show changes” button in edit mode
    • gnuplot on all pages (e.g. a *.h page)


    • Please report any problem here. Ideally including links to broken pages etc.
    • On my mac keyboard the square brackets do not work ! (don’t know if it is a bug or not)
    • The left panel “This page” is not available for auxiliary files like rising.log_centered. How could be then deleted with the wiki?
    • Comments in gnuplot scripts are not ignored as they should.
    • Multilayer link from general introduction to horizontal viscosity module is broken (points to nonexistant file).

    Not (darcsit) bugs

    • Plot is not generated here: this is because SVG in gnuplot does not support the {/Symbol } fonts, use unicode characters instead as shown here.
    • This page does not exist any more: here: Well, it does not exist here either.
    • This page does not exist, whereas this mirror does exists. Note that this page now exists, where it would link to a folder on the old website? It existed on the old site only because an obsolete version of the file was cached and not correctly updated, so this was a bug in the old site, not the new.
    • I want to ignore a warning here, but it is treated as an error. Calling undeclared functions is (really) bad, so you should find the cause of the warning/error in your code and fix it, rather than ignoring it.

    Fixed bugs

    • All pages in the sandbox give an “Internal Error” message.
    • SIGFPE in progress.h: e.g. here
    • Cannot #include a specific header file: e.g. here
    • The file created by clicking a previously created link starts with the following (editable) lines: <h1>404 Not Found</h1> While retrieving URL /sandbox/lopez/ehd_2phase.h?raw on basilisk-wiki.localhost.
    • This page should run using 3 threads, but it uses only 1.
    • Page hangs at 100% progress: here
    • The page corresponding to testcase lid.c is not properly updated. The results corresponding to this test case are not generated at the end.
    • This error is not parsed properly
    • If I edit a page, then preview, and click on a link to see if it works, and goes back to the initial pages, all the modifications are lost in the editor (don’t know if it is a bug but as far as I remember this did not do the same thing in the previous interface).
    • History does not work when file name changes example This is not fixed for the general case, only for .page and space changes.
    • Line numbers in comments here
    • Internal error here
    • Editing this page does not go well
    • Saving a new page while it is running, does indeed save the page. But, instead of taking me to the new page, it prompts a red-dot error “message” (no text).
    • This bothers me more than it should.
    • Warnings are not parsed properly and/or the page is not updated here (after discarding during a first run).
    • After deleting a .ch page using the wave (couette.c in the present case). The rest of pages are not accesible because of the following error: 500 Internal Server Error While retrieving URL /sandbox/lopez/drop.c.' /home/basilisk-wiki/wiki/sandbox/lopez/drop.c.log: make: *** No rule to make target 'couette.c.tags.d', needed by 'Makefile.deps'. Stop.

    Granted wishes

    • Side-by-side edit view.
    • Math/Equations display proper using any browser.
    • Documented files do not need the “.page” suffix anymore.
    • Documented files do not have to start with a comment block.


    • katex does not like \mbox{} use \mathrm{} or \text{} instead.
    • katex does not like \begin{eqnarray} use \begin{aligned} instead.