Bug in the dump-restore function

This bug occur in axisymetric case. If we try to restore the simulation, we get a floating point exception. This doesn’t occur if we don’t have the library two-phase.h. It also doesn’t occur if we don’t include the library “axi.h”

#include "axi.h" 
#include "navier-stokes/centered.h" 
#include "two-phase.h"

int main () {

we are just creating a grid for the simulation, no more.


We initialise the simulation, without any specific geometry. If we had dump a file, we are restoring the dump file. In the other case, we are just outputing a string in the log file.

event init(t=0){
  if (!restore (file = "dump"))
    fprintf(stderr, "No restoration\n");

If we uncomment the two following line, we solve the floating point exception link to the restoration of the axisymetric case.

  //  else
  //    boundary((scalar *){fm});

We dump the simulation

event snapshot(i=1; i+=10; i<=100) {
  dump (file = "dump");


This bug is not appening if we want to dump and restore the simulation in main(), even with all the include library