Boussinesq buoyancy for isopycnal layers

    This adds buoyancy to the multilayer solver, assuming that each layer has a constant density variation.

    This is a special case of the more general buoyancy module which should be consulted for more details.

    The density variations in each layer are defined by the user using the drho array whose dimension must match the numbers of layers.

    extern double * drho;
    event acceleration (i++)
      scalar q = new scalar[nl];
      foreach() {
        double ph = 0.;
        for (point.l = nl - 1; point.l >= 0; point.l--) {
          double dp = G*drho[point.l]*h[];
          ph += dp;
          q[] = ph;
      foreach_face() {
        double pg;
        hpg (pg, q, 0)
          ha.x[] += pg;
        end_hpg (0);
      delete ({q});