This page regroups the contributions of David Fabre to the Easystab project.

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    Discretization methods

    • dif1D.m Added a number of options (mapped chebyshev, etc…)

    -> integrated in main project

    -> to integrate in the main project

    -> to integrate in the main project

    Dynamical systems

    Instability problems

    • GinsburgLandau.m Demonstration of the numerical resolution of an instability problem for a sample 1D problem.

    In 2018/2019 this one was splitted in GinsburgLandau_Linear.m and GinsburgLandau_NonLinear.m

    • wave_like_Psi.m Basic example of wave-like perturbations in a channel ; comparison between UVP formulation (primitive), Psi formulation (Orr-Sommerfeld), and theory for SLIP conditions at the wall.

    • wave_like_Psi_noslip.m Same but modified for NO-SLIP conditions at the wall.

    • RayleighBenard.m No-slip condition, including loops over parameters to draw the neutral curve.

    -> already integrated

    • KH_temporal_inviscid.m Kelvin-Helmholtz for the tanh shear layer. Uses chebyshev method with coordinate stretching.

    -> To integrate in main project

    • KH_temporal_viscous.m Same program in the viscous case. Plots a series of curves for various values of Re.

    -> To integrate in main project

    Plane poiseuille : includes loops over k and Re to draw the neutral curve

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    Lecture notes for the M2R-DET course

    The overview of the course is here :

    Lecture notes for several chapters are available here :

    Other contributions (to be linked with the rest of the project) are :