Optically Thin Radiation Model

    We test the calculation of the radiation using the optically-thin model at different temperautres.

    We define variables that are necessary for the radiation model to compile.

    #define NGS 2
    const char* gas_species[2] = {"CO2", "H2O"};
    #include "common.h"
    #include "utils.h"
    #include "radiation.h"
    int main (void) {

    The properties for the radiation model are gathered in the following struct.

      OpticallyThinProperties otp;
      otp.T = 1400.;
      otp.P = 101325.;
      otp.xH2O = 0.21;
      otp.xCO2 = 0.1;

    We set the radiation model, which is set to no_radiation by default.

      divq_rad = optically_thin;

    We loop over different temperatures and compute the \nabla\cdot\mathbf{q}_{rad} contribution.

      for (otp.T = 300.; otp.T <= 3000.; otp.T += 50.) {
        fprintf (stderr, "divq_rad = %f\n", divq_rad(&otp));