sandbox/sgls/Basilisk on docker

    This page gives links to a docker image that contains Basilisk. At the moment only the amd64 image is available. Please let me know if you would like another architecture and I will upload it.

    The image is hosted on Dockerhub here with an associated project on Github here, but it is not necessary to consult the source or build the Dockerfile. The image will be pulled by running the dbasilisk script.

    Inside the container, the user is called basilisk with the usual installation at /home/basilisk/src. In addition dbasilisk shares a directory between the host and container. The directories on host and container can be changed using 2 optional arguments: the first gives the name of the directory on the host machine (by default .), the second gives the name in the container (by default /home/basilisk/hostdata). The script has only been tested on a Mac so far. It should work on other systms with minimal tweaking (please contact me if you are experiencing trouble).

    An OpenGL implementation is used for visualization. Please contact me if you have trouble.

    There is also a script called bviewhost-docker to run Basilisk View interactively on the host machine. The first optional agument gives the number of the simulation (0 by default, accepts 0 to 4). The second optional argument gives the name of the browser (Safari by default). It should be possible to adapt this to run remote visualizations from another machine using the appropriate IP address (see the section Interactive display of a remote simulation here). It is also possible to run Basilisk View on a browser inside the container following the usual instructions; chromium did not seem to work while firefox did.

    A number of visualization tools are provided: gv, eog, evince, vlc. Please let me know if you would like others to be included.

    PPR is installed and works. GOTM and CVmix are installed, but have not been tested. If you would like to use them, please contact me to get them working.