I am Stéphane Popinet, the creator of Gerris and Basilisk. I am a ‘’directeur de recherche’’ at Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) based at Institut Jean le Rond d’Alembert (∂’Alembert) of Sorbonne Université, Paris, France.

    For a list of publications see below. See also papers written by Popinet at Google Scholar and my HAL CV.

    Papers submitted


    Edoardo Cipriano, Alessio Frassoldati, Tiziano Faravelli, Stéphane Popinet, and Alberto Cuoci. A low-Mach volume-of-fluid model for the evaporation of suspended droplets in buoyancy-driven flows. working paper or preprint, May 2024. [ http | .pdf ]


    Palas Kumar Farsoiya, Stéphane Popinet, Howard A Stone, and Luc Deike. A coupled Volume of Fluid -Phase Field method for direct numerical simulation of insoluble surfactant-laden interfacial flows and application to rising bubbles. working paper or preprint, February 2024. [ http | .pdf ]


    Tomas Fullana, Yash Kulkarni, Mathis Fricke, Stéphane Popinet, Shahriar Afkhami, Dieter Bothe, and Stéphane Zaleski. A consistent treatment of dynamic contact angles in the sharp-interface framework with the generalized Navier boundary condition. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2024.


    Nicolas Fintzi, Jean-Loup Pierson, and Stéphane Popinet. Buoyancy driven motion of non-coalescing inertial drops: microstructure modeling with nearest particle statistics. Acta Mechanica, 2024.


    Lucas Deoclecio, Edson Soares, Roney Thompson, and Stéphane Popinet. Drop rise and interfacial coalescence initiation in elasto-viscoplastic materials. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2024.


    Yash Kulkarni, Cesar Pairetti, Raphaël Villiers, Stéphane Popinet, and Stéphane Zaleski. The atomizing pulsed jet. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2024.


    Mandeep Saini, Lucas Prouvost, Stephane Popinet, and Daniel Fuster. Towards the validation of Direct Numerical Simulation of non-spherical bubble collapses. Journal of the Indian Institute of Science, 2024.


    N. Shen, Y. Kulkarni, T. Jamin, S. Popinet, S. Zaleski, and L. Bourouiba. Fragmentation from inertial detachment of a sessile droplet: implications for pathogen transport. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2024.


    Arthur R. Ghigo, Stéphane Popinet, and Anthony Wachs. A conservative finite volume cut-cell method on an adaptive Cartesian tree grid for moving rigid bodies in incompressible flows. working paper or preprint, August 2021. [ http | .pdf ]

    Published papers



    Pallav Kant, César Pairetti, Youssef Saade, Stéphane Popinet, Stéphane Zaleski, and Detlef Lohse. Bags mediated film atomization in a cough machine. Physical Review Fluids, 8(7):074802, 2023. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    Bo Zhang, Stéphane Popinet, and Yue Ling. Modeling and Detailed Numerical Simulation of the Primary Breakup of a Gasoline Surrogate Jet under Non-Evaporative Operating Conditions. International Journal of Multiphase Flow, 130:103362, May 2020. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    Cesar I Pairetti, Santiago Marquez Damian, Norberto M Nigro, Stéphane Popinet, and Stéphane Zaleski. Mesh resolution effects on primary atomization simulations. Atomization and Sprays, 30(12):913–935, 2020. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    S. Popinet Y. Ling, G. Legros and S. Zaleski. Direct numerical simulation of an atomizing biodiesel jet: Impact of fuel properties on atomization characteristics. In ILASS conference, Valencia, Spain, 6-8 September, 2017.


    V. Yang X.-D. Chen, D.-J. Ma and S. Popinet. High-fidelity simulations of impinging jet atomization. Atomization and sprays, 23(12):1079–1101, 2013. [ DOI | .pdf ]


    D. Fuster, J.P Matas, S. Marty, S. Popinet, J. Hoepffner, A. Cartellier, and S. Zaleski. Instability regimes in the primary breakup region of planar coflowing sheets. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 736:150– 176, 2013. [ .pdf ]


    G. Tomar, D. Fuster, S. Zaleski, and S. Popinet. Multiscale simulations of primary atomization using gerris. Computers and Fluids, 39(10):1864–1874, 2010. [ .pdf ]


    A. Bagué, D. Fuster, S. Popinet, R. Scardovelli, and S. Zaleski. Instability growth rate of two-phase mixing layers from a linear eigenvalue problem and an initial value problem. Physics of Fluids, 22(092104), 2010. [ .pdf ]

    Stratified flows


    J. A. van Hooft, S. Popinet, and B. J. H. van de Wiel. Adaptive cartesian meshes for atmospheric single-column models: a study using basilisk 18-02-16. Geoscientific Model Development, 11(12):4727–4738, 2018. [ DOI | http ]


    J. O’Callaghan, G. Rickard, S. Popinet, and C. Stevens. The response of buoyant plumes to transient discharges investigated using an adaptive solver. Journal of Geophysical Research, 115(C11025), 2010. [ .pdf ]


    G. Rickard, J. O’Callaghan, and S. Popinet. Numerical simulations of internal solitary waves interacting with uniform slopes using an adaptive model. Ocean Modelling, 30:16–28, 2009. [ .pdf ]



    Jiarong Wu, Stéphane Popinet, and Luc Deike. Breaking wave field statistics with a multi-layer model. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 968:A12, July 2023. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    Palas Kumar Farsoiya, Stéphane Popinet, and Luc Deike. Direct numerical simulations of dilute gas transfer by breaking waves. Physical Review Fluids, 7(11):110506, November 2022. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    Jiarong Wu, Stéphane Popinet, and Luc Deike. Revisiting wind wave growth with fully coupled direct numerical simulations. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 951(A18), November 2022. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    Wouter Mostert, Stéphane Popinet, and Luc Deike. High-resolution direct simulation of deep water breaking waves: transition to turbulence, bubbles and droplets production. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 942(A27), April 2022. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    Stéphane Popinet. A vertically-Lagrangian, non-hydrostatic, multilayer model for multiscale free-surface flows. Journal of Computational Physics, 418:109609, May 2020. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    E. P. Beetham, P. S. Kench, and S. Popinet. Model skill and sensitivity for simulating wave processes on coral reefs using a shock-capturing green-naghdi solver. Journal of Coastal Research, 2018. [ http ]


    Luc Deike, W. Kendall Melville, and Stéphane Popinet. Air entrainment and bubble statistics in breaking waves. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 801:91–129, May 2016. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    E. P. Beetham, P. S. Kench, J. O’Callaghan, and S. Popinet. Wave transformation and shoreline water level on funafuti atoll, tuvalu. Journal of Geophysical Research, 121(1):311–326, 2016.


    L. Deike, S. Popinet, and K. Melville. Capillary effects on wave breaking and wave dissipation. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 769:541–569, 2015. [ DOI | .pdf ]


    C.-C. Tsai, T.-H. Hou, S. Popinet, and Y. Y. Chao. Wind wave prediction of tropical cyclones by a quadtree-adaptive model. Coastal Engineering, pages 108–119, 2013. [ DOI | .pdf ]


    S. Popinet, R. M. Gorman, G. J. Rickard, and H. L. Tolman. A quadtree-adaptive spectral wave model. Ocean Modelling, 34:36–49, 2010. [ .pdf ]

    Drops and bubbles


    Edoardo Cipriano, Abd Essamade Saufi, Alessio Frassoldati, Tiziano Faravelli, Stéphane Popinet, and Alberto Cuoci. Multicomponent Droplet Evaporation in a Geometric Volume-Of-Fluid Framework. Journal of Computational Physics, 507:112955, June 2024. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    Lucas H.P. Deoclecio, Edson Soares, and Stéphane Popinet. Drop rise and interfacial coalescence initiation in Bingham materials. Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 319:105075, September 2023. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    Palas Kumar Farsoiya, Quentin Magdelaine, Arnaud Antkowiak, Stéphane Popinet, and Luc Deike. Direct numerical simulations of bubble-mediated gas transfer and dissolution in quiescent and turbulent flows. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 954:A29, 2023. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    Nelson Joubert, Pascal Gardin, Stéphane Popinet, and Stéphane Zaleski. Experimental and numerical modelling of mass transfer in a refining ladle. Metallurgical Research & Technology, 119(1):109, 2022. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    Alexis Berny, Luc Deike, Stéphane Popinet, and Thomas Séon. The size and speed of jet drops are robust to initial perturbations. Physical Review Fluids, 7(1), January 2022. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    Palas Kumar Farsoiya, Stéphane Popinet, and Luc Deike. Bubble-mediated transfer of dilute gas in turbulence. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 920(A34), June 2021. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    Alexis Berny, Stéphane Popinet, Thomas Séon, and Luc Deike. Statistics of jet drop production. Geophysical Research Letters, 48(10), April 2021. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    Jean-Lou Pierson, Jacques Magnaudet, Edson Soares, and Stéphane Popinet. Revisiting the Taylor-Culick approximation: Retraction of an axisymmetric filament. Physical Review Fluids, 5(7):073602, July 2020. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    Alessio Innocenti, Alice Jaccod, Stéphane Popinet, and Sergio Chibbaro. Direct Numerical Simulation of bubble-induced turbulence at high Reynolds numbers. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2020.


    Alexis Berny, Luc Deike, Thomas Séon, and Stéphane Popinet. Role of all jet drops in mass transfer from bursting bubbles. Physical Review Fluids, 5(3):033605, 2020. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    B. Zhang, Y. Ling, P.-H. Tsai, A.-B. Wang, S. Popinet, and S. Zaleski. Short-term oscillation and falling dynamics for a water drop dripping in quiescent air. Phys. Rev. Fluids, 4:123604, Dec 2019. [ DOI | http ]


    J M López-Herrera, Stéphane Popinet, and A A Castrejón-Pita. An adaptive solver for viscoelastic incompressible two-phase problems applied to the study of the splashing of weakly viscoelastic droplets. Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 264:144–158, 2019. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    Daniel Fuster and Stéphane Popinet. An all-Mach method for the simulation of bubble dynamics problems in the presence of surface tension. Journal of Computational Physics, 374:752–768, December 2018. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    César I Pairetti, Stéphane Popinet, Santiago Márquez Damián, Norberto Nigro, and Stéphane Zaleski. Bag mode breakup simulations of a single liquid droplet. In 6th European Conference on Computational Mechanics, Glasgow, United Kingdom, June 2018. [ http | .pdf ]


    Luc Deike, Elisabeth Ghabache, Gérard Liger-Belair, Arup K Das, Stéphane Zaleski, Stéphane Popinet, and Thomas Séon. The dynamics of jets produced by bursting bubbles. Physical Review Fluids, 3(1):013603, 2018. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    Zhen Jian, Christophe Josserand, Stéphane Popinet, Pascal Ray, and Stéphane Zaleski. Two mechanisms of droplet splashing on a solid substrate. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 835:1065 – 1086, January 2018. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


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    M.-J. Thoraval, K. Takehara, T. G. Etoh, S. Popinet, P. Ray, C. Josserand, S. Zaleski, and S. T. Thoroddsen. von kármán vortex street within an impacting drop. Physical Review Letters, 108(26):264506, 2012. [ http ]


    Y. Renardy, S. Popinet, L. Duchemin, M. Renardy, S. Zaleski, C. Josserand, M.A. Drumright-Clarke, D. Richard, C. Clanet, and D. Quéré. Pyramidal and toroidal water drops after impact on a solid surface. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 484:69–83, 2003.


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    E. Ory, H. Yuan, A. Prosperetti, S. Popinet, and S. Zaleski. Growth and collapse of a vapor bubble in a narrow tube. Physics of Fluids, 12(6):1268–1277, 2000.

    Shallow-water flows


    Geoffroy Kirstetter, Olivier Delestre, Pierre-Yves Lagrée, Stéphane Popinet, and Christophe Josserand. B-flood 1.0: an open-source Saint-Venant model for flash flood simulation using adaptive refinement. Geoscientific Model Development, 2021.


    Francesco de Vita, Pierre-Yves Lagrée, Sergio Chibbaro, and Stéphane Popinet. Beyond Shallow Water: appraisal of a numerical approach to hydraulic jumps based upon the Boundary Layer Theory. European Journal of Mechanics - B/Fluids, 79:233–246, 2019. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


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    Tsunamis and ocean modelling


    Takaya Uchida, Bruno Deremble, and Stéphane Popinet. Deterministic model of the eddy dynamics for a midlatitude ocean model. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 52(6):1133–1154, 2022. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    W. Power, J. Mountjoy, E. Lane, S. Popinet, and X. Wang. Assessing landslide-tsunami hazard in submarine canyons, using the cook strait canyon system as an example. Science of Tsunami Hazards, 35(3):145–166, 2016. [ .pdf ]


    Emily M. Lane, Joshu J. Mountjoy, William L. Power, and Stephane Popinet. Initialising landslide-generated tsunamis for probabilistic tsunami hazard assessment in cook strait. International Journal of Ocean and Climate Systems, pages 4–13, January 2016. [ http ]


    Stéphane Popinet. A quadtree-adaptive multigrid solver for the Serre–Green–Naghdi equations. Journal of Computational Physics, 302:336–358, December 2015. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    H. S. Lee, T. Shimoyama, and S. Popinet. Impacts of tides on tsunami propagation due to potential nankai trough earthquakes in the seto inland sea, japan. Journal of Geophysical Research (Oceans), 120(10):6865–6883, 2015. [ DOI | http ]


    G. Lamarche, S. Popinet, B. Pelletier, J. Mountjoy, J. Goff, S. Delaux, and J. Bind. Scenario-based numerical modelling and paleo-historic records of tsunami in wallis and futuna, southwest pacific. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 3:2283–2346, 2015. [ http ]


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    S. Popinet and G. Rickard. A tree-based solver for adaptive ocean modelling. Ocean Modelling, (16):224–249, 2007. [ .pdf ]

    Environmental fluid dynamics


    M. W. Hayward, C. N. Whittaker, E. M. Lane, W. L. Power, S. Popinet, and J. D. L. White. Multilayer modelling of waves generated by explosive subaqueous volcanism. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 22(2):617–637, 2022. [ DOI | http ]


    Lily Battershill, Colin N. Whittaker, Emily M. Lane, Stéphane Popinet, James D. L. White, William L. Power, and Paraskevi Nomikou. Numerical simulations of a fluidized granular flow entry into water: insights into modeling tsunami generation by pyroclastic density currents. Journal of Geophysical Research : Solid Earth, November 2021. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    J. Antoon van Hooft, Stéphane Popinet, Chiel C. van Heerwaarden, Steven J. A. van Der Linden, Stephan R. de Roode, and Bas J. H. van de Wiel. Towards Adaptive Grids for Atmospheric Boundary-Layer Simulations. Boundary-Layer Meteorology, pages 1–23, February 2018. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


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    S. Popinet, M. Smith, and C. Stevens. Experimental and numerical study of the turbulence characteristics of air flow around a research vessel. J. Ocean. Atm. Tech., 21(10):1574–1589, 2004. [ .pdf ]

    Granular flows


    Hugo A. Martin, Marc Peruzzetto, Sylvain Viroulet, Anne Mangeney, Pierre-Yves Lagrée, Stéphane Popinet, Bertrand Maury, Aline Lefebvre-Lepot, Yvon Maday, and François Bouchut. Numerical simulations of granular dam break: comparison between discrete element, Navier-Stokes and thin-layer models. Physical Review E , 108(5):054902–054927, November 2023. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    Yixian Zhou, Pierre-Yves Lagrée, Stéphane Popinet, P. Ruyer, and P. Aussillous. Gas-assisted discharge flow of granular media from silos. Physical Review Fluids, 4:124305, December 2019. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    L. Fullard, D. Holland, P. Galvosas, C. Davies, P.-Y. Lagrée, and S. Popinet. Quantifying silo flow using mri velocimetry for testing granular flow models. Physical Review Fluids, 2019.


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    P.-Y. Lagrée, L. Staron, and S. Popinet. The granular column collapse as a continuum: validity of a navier-stokes model with a mu(i)-rheology. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 686:378–408, 2011. [ .pdf ]



    Can Selçuk, Arthur R. Ghigo, Stéphane Popinet, and Anthony Wachs. A fictitious domain method with distributed Lagrange multipliers on adaptive quad/octrees for the direct numerical simulation of particle-laden flows. Journal of Computational Physics, page 109954, October 2020. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    Erich Essmann, Pei Shui, Stéphane Popinet, Stéphane Zaleski, Prashant Valluri, and Rama Govindarajan. Chaotic Orbits of Tumbling Ellipsoids. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 903:A10, July 2020. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]



    J. M. Lopez-Herrera, A. M. Ganan-Calvo, S. Popinet, and M. A. Herrada. A vof numerical study on the electrokinetic effects in the breakup of electrified jets. International Journal of Multiphase Flows, 71:14–22, 2015. [ DOI | .pdf ]


    M. A. Herrada, J. M. Lopez-Herrera, E. J. Vega, J. M. Montanero, and S. Popinet. Numerical simulation of electrospray in the cone-jet mode. Physical Review E., 86(2):026305, 2012. [ .pdf ]


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    Tomas Fullana, Stéphane Zaleski, and Stéphane Popinet. Dynamic wetting failure in curtain coating by the Volume-of-Fluid method. The European Physical Journal. Special Topics, 229(10):1923–1934, September 2020. [ DOI | http ]


    A. Dziedzic, M. Nakrani, B. Ezra, M. Syed, S. Popinet, and S. Afkhami. Breakup of finite-size liquid filaments: Transition from no-breakup to breakup including substrate effects. EPJ E-Soft Matter and Biological Physics, 2018.


    Jose-Maria Fullana, Yue Ling, Stéphane Popinet, and Christophe Josserand. DROPLET IN MICRO-CHANNELS: A NUMERICAL APPROACH USING AN ADAPTIVE TWO PHASE FLOW SOLVER. In 1st Pan-American Congress on Computational Mechanics - PANACM 2015, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2015. [ http | .pdf ]


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    Numerical methods


    Mathilde Tavares, Christophe Josserand, Alexandre Limare, José-Maria Lopez-Herrera, and Stéphane Popinet. A coupled VOF/embedded boundary method to model two-phase flows on arbitrary solid surfaces. Computers and Fluids, February 2024. [ http ]


    Jieyun Pan, Tian Long, Leonardo Chirco, Ruben Scardovelli, Popinet Séphane, and Zaleski Séphane. An edge-based interface tracking (ebit) method for multiphase-flow simulation with surface tension. Journal of Computational Physics, 508:113016, 2024. [ http ]


    Alexandre Limare, Stéphane Popinet, Christophe Josserand, Zhonghan Xue, and Arthur R. Ghigo. A hybrid level-set / embedded boundary method applied to solidification-melt problems. Journal of Computational Physics, December 2022. [ DOI | http | .pdf ]


    Leonardo Chirco, Jacob Maarek, Stéphane Popinet, and Stéphane Zaleski. Manifold death: a Volume of Fluid implementation of controlled topological changes in thin sheets by the signature method. Journal of Computational Physics, July 2022. [ http ]


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