Fixed Flux Phase Change Model

    This phase change model does not compute the vaporization rate from a mass or energy balance, instead, it uses a constant value mEvapVal defined by the user.

    extern double mEvapVal;


    We define the field mEvap with the vaporization rate per unit of surface in every interfacial cell, and we decleare the mEvapList used by evaporation.h.

    scalar mEvap[];
    scalar * mEvapList = {mEvap};

    Phase Change Event

    We loop over the interfacial cells and we assign the value of mEvapVal in the field mEvap.

    event phasechange (i++)
      foreach() {
        mEvap[] = 0.;
        if (f[] > F_ERR && f[] < 1.-F_ERR)
          mEvap[] = mEvapVal;