Workshop on vorticity and free surface

    I use this wiki to prepare the day-workshop on this topic under organized by the GRD MéPhy. The official page is here:

    Thanks to Stephane Popinet who hosts us on the wiki of his software Basilisk.

    Please edit the list of participants with your name, lab and the topic you would like to talk about. If you would like to attend but not talk, please leave the topic empty. If there is a question mark at your topic, it means that I made something up for you, please modify to your liking.

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    • Bohr, Tomas from DTU Physics ———-> Hydraulic jump(?)
    • Clanet, Christophe from LadHyx ——-> Whales and sea waves(?)
    • Limat, Laurent from MSC——–>Jet detachment in a meniscus(?)
    • Zaleski,Stéphane from ∂’Alembert——–>Turbulence and free surface(?)
    • Rabaud,Marc from FAST———->Wind and sea waves (?)
    • Moisy,Frédéric from FAST———–>Wind and sea waves (?)
    • Brunet,Philippe from MSC——–> Drops on vibrated substrates (?)
    • Lagrée, Pierre-Yves from ∂’Alembert ———> Boundary layers on free surface (?)
    • Hoepffner, Jerôme from ∂’Alembert ———> Vorticity in liquid fragmentation
    • Popinet, Stéphane from ∂’Alembert ———–> Breaking wave dissipation and bubble distribution
    • Duchesne, Alexis from GRASP (Liège) and MSC ———–> Circular Hydraulic Jump
    • Hélène de Maleprade from PMMH
    • Michael Berhanu from MSC———–> Capillary waves, Turbulence and dissipation.
    • Timothée Jamin from MSC———–> Interaction between free-surface hydrodynamic turbulence and surface waves.
    • Germain Rousseaux from Pprime———–> Vorticity effect on wave-current interaction (?)
    • Ramiro Godoy-Diana from PMMH
    • Adrien Guérin from IPGP
    • Ludovic Keiser from PMMH
    • Etienne Barthel from SIMM
    • Etienne Reyssat from PMMH
    • Matthieu Roché from MSC ———–> Polygonal insatbility of Marangoni flows
    • Sébastien Aumaître———–> Propagation of surface wave above a turbulent flow.
    • Anna Paquier from FAST
    • Lucie Domino from PMMH
    • Antonin Eddi from PMMH
    • Someone from somewhere———–> topic
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