The Antoon van Hooft Sandbox

This page aims to provide an overview of the projects under /sandbox/Antoonvh/. The main theme here should be geophysical flows. More specifically, I am interested in the atmospheric boundary layer.

Physical Systems

Atmospheric Boundary Layer

3D Turbulence

2D Turbulence and Vortex Dynamics

Two-Phase flows




Convergence tests

Some tests were carried out to get a feeling for convergence rates when using grid adaptivity.

1D Diffusion (2nd-order accurate multi-grid scheme)
1D Advection (2nd-order accurate Bell-Cotella-Glaz scheme)

1D Poisson problem (2nd-order accurate Multigrid Poisson solver)

Accuracy of the Refinement and Prolongation attributes

More tests


I invested some time in reading the source code to get some additional information on how the tree-grid structure is implemented in Basilisk and how Adaptivity works. To organize my toughts I wrote it down.

Cases as used in Van Hooft et al. (2018)

Towards Adaptive Grids for Atmospheric Boundary-Layer Simulations
By: J. Antoon van Hooft, Stephane Popinet, Chiel C van Heerwaarden, Steven J.A. van der Linden, Stephan R de Roode and Bas J.H. van de wiel.
In: Boundary-layer meteorology.

In order of appearance,

Cases as used in Van Hooft et al. (Under review for GMD)

Adaptive Cartesian Meshes for Atmospheric Single-Column Models
By J. Antoon van Hooft, Stephane Popinet and Bas J.H. van de Wiel
In: Geoscientific Model Development (Discussions)
GMDD DOI link:

In order of appearance,

Note: The Journals that fall under the Copernicus umbrella facilitate an open-style peer-review process. Meaning that anybody can track the discussions and comment on the manuscript and/or reviews. You may follow the DOI link to track the progress.

Miscellaneous pages


If you like to discuss a specific topic, feel free to e-mail me: j.a.vanhooft-𝒜