To report bugs edit this page and add them to the list below.

To create a new page to hold the source code for your bug, you just need to add the link to the list below and save this page. Your link should look like

* [My bug which shows this problem](mycode.c)

Once you have saved the page, you can click on the link which will open the editor for the new page (mycode.c). Next, cut and paste your code (do not try to ‘upload’ the file directly) and add any comments you want to describe the problem more clearly (see below for examples of decent bug reports).

You can then use the “Preview” button to display the code and (if you have the right permissions), run it. Ideally, this should reproduce the bug. Once you are happy with the result, “Save” the page.

Note that the files generated by the running code are accessible in /sandbox/bugs/mycode/. In particular the standard error and standard output are in /sandbox/bugs/mycode/log and /sandbox/bugs/mycode/out respectively.

See also how to create test cases.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature

The bugs below have been classified as “features” i.e. scenarios which reveal limitations in the algorithms of Basilisk but are not coding mistakes.

Old bugs

The bugs below should be fixed in the most recent release.

Not bugs

Incomplete bug reports

Critical information is lacking to be able to reproduce the bugs reported below: